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The Heal-a-Child Foundation, a non-profit established in June 2010, is on a vital mission to rescue vulnerable children from the clutches of avoidable suffering. These children, though capable of overcoming their illnesses, teeter on the edge due to their families’ inability to shoulder the burdensome medical expenses associated with prolonged hospitalization.

With an unwavering dedication, the foundation has already safeguarded the lives of 950 children in its thirteen-year journey. A distinctive attribute of Heal-a-Child lies in its unparalleled commitment to catering to impoverished children regardless of their ailment. While the foundation extends its care to various medical conditions, its primary focus rests on the tiniest and most fragile: newborns and preterm infants requiring intensive care.

Through strategic collaborations with numerous Hyderabad-based hospitals, Heal-a-Child ensures its impact reaches those in dire need. The selection process remains meticulous—partner hospitals recommend critically ill children whose parents face insurmountable financial barriers. Upon receiving such referrals, the foundation meticulously evaluates the families’ financial circumstances. Based on predefined criteria, decisions to provide support are taken with precision and compassion.

Heal-a-Child’s impact reverberates as it directly settles the hospital bills, releasing families from the suffocating grip of financial distress. With each life-saving intervention, the foundation fortifies its commitment to transform despair into hope, proving that compassion and collective action can rewrite the destinies of those most vulnerable.

The hospitals refer three types of cases

1. Children currently hospitalized, whose parents have contributed financially, reach a juncture where ongoing treatment becomes unaffordable.

2. Critical children arriving at the emergency room are sometimes withdrawn by parents upon discovering the treatment cost, hindered by unaffordability, resulting in non-receipt of necessary medical care.

3. The treatment expenses for the girl child are denied by her parents/grandparents due to their perception that she is not considered worthy of the expenditure.

Heal-a-Child Foundation operates with a profound commitment to its mission. By ensuring hospitals waive Doctor and Room Fees, a genuine partnership is forged to maximize impact. This collaboration facilitates the salvation of numerous children using resources ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs per case. With over 950 cases supported, including infants and those under five, the foundation demonstrates an unwavering dedication.

Trustees, members, and staff of Heal-a-Child are resolute in their pursuit, mobilizing funds from individuals, families, professionals, and companies. Remarkably, all Trustees and Board Members contribute their efforts without compensation, exemplifying their altruism. A remarkable 99% of raised funds are channeled directly towards hospital bills, effecting the rescue of ailing children. Leveraging the generosity of CSR partners, the organization boasts minimal overheads, amplifying the potency of each contribution.

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Our Journey


Incorporated in June
Diana Hayden became Goodwill Ambassador Supported 19 children Partnered with 2 hospitals Supported 1 Liver Transplantation


Mahesh Babu became Goodwill Ambassador 100 children supported Partnered with 6 hospitals


281 children supported 17 partnered hospitals
Supported 1 Liver and 1 Kidney Transplantations


600 children supported 22 partnered hospitals 2 Bone Marrow Transplantations Nurses and Disposables support to SNCU Level 3 NICU


861 children supported 26 partnered hospitals 1 Bone Marrow Transplantation

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