Our Mission

Heal-a-Child Foundation is a Charitable trust & Non Profit Organization, founded with the objective to help sick children in need of medical treatment. We are one of the few organizations that helps all sick children. We do not focus on a specific area of illness. Our aid is available to any sick child who needs it.

Our Mission is: To Heal & Save Sick Children who may not survive, not because of their illness but only because the family cannot afford to pay for medical expenses and treatment.

We pledge our support to raise funds for these little ones and heal as many children as possible. Our trustees, members, volunteers & employees are committed and dedicated to the cause of raising funds from individuals, families, professionals & companies. We will accept your contribution, however small, as we believe that every drop fills the ocean.

We pride ourselves as an organization that is transparent and trustworthy. Our Accounts are available for review at all times. Our Donor list is displayed on our website along with details of donations received. For Donors who wish to remain anonymous, we respect your privacy and ensure that your details are 100% confidential.

We invite you to generously and wholeheartedly contribute & support this Trust and save these little ones who we promise will not be lost – not for the lack of money. We are accountable to ensure that your funds are used to provide the highest standards of medical treatment for poor and under-privileged children. Your act of generosity, love and charity will save these little lives.

Contact Information:
Tel: +91 9347525646
Email: help@heal-a-child.org

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