Master Shaik Ommer

Case Number: 478
Hope Hospital
10 Months
HAC Contribution:

Case Number :


Hosptial :

Hope Hospital

Age :

10 Months

HAC Contribution :


Master Shaik Ommer, aged 10 months, diagnosed as Acute Febrile Encephalopathy and Viral Encephalitis. Discharged after 15 days of care from Hope Hospital. Seen in the picture (L to R): Mr. Santhosh Kumar, Sr. Business Manager, Mr. Bhavani Sankar, Deputy Regional Manager, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Dr. Ragini Manjusree, Ms. Sharvani, HAC Executive Operations, Mr. Shaik Javed, father (helper in a general store) holding the child, Ms. Asiya Begum, mother, Ms. Jyothi, Sr. NICU Nurse, Ms. Bhaskar Bondala, Chief Business Manager, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

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