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Baby of Teja Twin 1 needs your support

Baby of Puppala Teja Twin 1

by Laxman Naik

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Hyderabad, India

Laxman Naik

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Baby of Teja Twin 1 was diagnosed as preterm (28+2 weeks), with Very Low Birth Weight (1.03 Kg), respiratory distress, suspected sepsis, apnea of prematurity, and unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia. At present the baby is on HFNC support, IV fluids, IV Caffeine, NG tube feeding, and warmer care. In view of prematurity with very low birth weight and with the above condition, the baby may require further NICU stay for 4-5 weeks.

HAC has agreed to support ₹1,50,000 for this child’s treatment