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We at NYA are proud to support and raise funds for the Heal-a-Child charity

NYA supports Heal-a-Child

by Laxman Naik

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Hyderabad, India

Laxman Naik

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When a child is ill and requires medical attention, all parents would hope that such care is available. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as such care may be costly and financially not viable for some families.

Worldwide, it has become more difficult to obtain appropriate medical support as resources dwindle and those that are available have become more expensive.

Institutions have increasingly stepped up to fill that gap and raise funds to support children in need, and as part of our ethos and philosophy, we are delighted as a school to be able to provide such support.

We cannot give physical support as we are not medically trained, but we can support financially and reach out to our school community to contribute.

We are, therefore, raising funds to enable children to receive the medical treatment that they need and so thoroughly deserve.

As a school, we are delighted to have our name associated with such a cause and aim to raise sufficient funding to allow a child to obtain medical treatment, and look to the future in a positive, and healthy,  light– as all children should.